The Esther and Jo story

Esther + Jo is a small, handmade, family company that works to produce high quality children's and women's clothing. Our designs are rooted in classic styles, and have been updated to feature a modern take. Every piece of clothing sold is designed and made by hand from our shop in Virginia. Because we are made to order you can know your items were created special just for you.

I hope you enjoy Esther + Jo. It’s truly been a pleasure to watch it come into my life and hopefully, soon yours as well.

Meet Lacey

I started sewing as a hobby shortly after college. I clumsily taught myself to sew pillows, aprons, and the occasional curtain. When post-college job hunts were coming up dry, I was hired by a local theater company as an assistant seamstress in the costume shop. When I wasn't performing on stage, I began growing my skill as a seamstress. 

I was so grateful for the chance to work with the theater during the day and walk upstairs for rehearsal or performances in the evening. It quickly went from hand stitching buttons and tacking hems to creating full garments thanks to some amazing instruction. I absolutely loved the opportunity to make period pieces, vintage dresses, and best of all, to be trained by a tailor. The hands on experience I gained was priceless, and I never could have imagined it would later fuel my next dream.


It didn’t take long after our first child for others to request the outfits I was making for my own tiny inspiration, my little whimsy. Soon after, a small shop was born and three years later I am still wondering how it’s come so far. I’m not sure if I ever realized what I was creating along the way. But now with two sweet babes at home, Esther + Jo has come to life. Inspired by their middle names and the names of their great grandmothers, Esther + Jo is a brand rooted in classic design with a modern take.

While the aesthetic is certainly feminine, I design with a sense of adventure and practicality in mind. As a mom myself, I get the need for quick diaper changes and easy washing instructions. Even with our women’s clothing, my hope is to make it feel easy and fresh from breakfast to bedtime.